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Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Research can make a difference in your business.

Today, in a constantly changing world, market research is critical to making the right business decisions. But many small businesses and nonprofits believe they can’t afford quality, independent research, so they try to do it themselves. Unfortunately, this often leads to faulty conclusions from poorly designed studies. We can help. For 20 years we have been providing quality market research at affordable rates to clients throughout the Pacific Northwest from our Eugene, Oregon homebase.

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Our Think Small Approach

In ancient times (1959), Volkswagen launched their iconic ad, “Think Small” that literally created a car brand in America. What could you possibly learn about DCG Research from an old 50s print ad? The answer of course, it is still good advice.

While larger and multi-location research firms have their place, for most small businesses they are simply too expensive. With lower costs (we all work remotely), DCG Research is dedicated to a think small approach where Dr. Nick Lougee and our founder, Mark Dennett, work with you directly using a few hand-selected associates for specialized tasks. Sure, this small team approach requires that we limit our assignments. But it also ensures superior customer service. We think hands-on, quality service never goes out of style.

We Deliver Actionable Research

Tons of data, but what is it good for? Glad you asked. Only DCG Research has a team made up of an academically trained social science researcher and an experienced marketer. DCG’s unique skill sets assure that your research will not only be scientifically solid, but we show you how to apply these results immediately to improve your marketing.

What We Do

Brand Awareness Studies

Do you know what the public thinks about you and your competitors?

Are you satisfied with your image? Can you clearly define your current customer? Knowing what your employees, customers, clients or the public think about an issue or your company can be critical to making the right business decisions. We can help. Plus, we love collaborating with your marketing firm. Many of our assignments come from respected brand marketing firms that want an independent analysis of current awareness and perceptions prior to launching a re-brand or a new product. We also conduct pre- and post-benchmark studies.

Destination Analysis Studies

Do you know your destination’s top of mind awareness with key audiences?

Since our first travel study in 2006 for Travel Southern Oregon (Southern Oregon Visitors Association), we have been leading the way in Oregon with innovative studies that measure awareness and appeal of destinations and/or travel associations. We have worked with small and large Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). Often our research has helped Chambers and DMOs maintain critical funding by providing a trusted third party evaluation of marketing effectiveness.

Syndicated Research Studies

Sharing research cost can dramatically reduce your expense.

Using our “Powershift Marketing” brand (from our 2010 marketing book), our syndicated studies collect data for a group of companies in a specialized area (wineries, restaurants, resorts) and provide a confidential report to each participant. These studies can be either broad or narrow. Contact us and see if creating a syndicated study will work for you.

Our signature syndicated project is our DMO Website Study. You can learn about this project (and sign up for our 10th Anniversary Study in 2023), by CLICKING HERE. It is the longest running study of DMO websites in Oregon. Over the years, this study has helped dozens of DMOs improve website engagement and recently it has shared insights into Covid’s impact on travel plans. It also provides in-depth demographics of website users.

Consumer Research Studies

If you have a question, we will find you an answer.

While we are recognized for our expertise in travel and brand studies, our research assignments reflect a diverse client base.

From studying the potential use of cedar wood in consumer products (Business Oregon / Forest Energy Group) to determining the market for large-scale transformers (Pacific Crest Transformer) to exploring the feasibility of building a performing arts center (Brookings-Harbor EPAC Task Force) to finding out why libraries are closing (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), many businesses and nonprofits like our think small approach. We have been honored to work in both the public and private sectors. We provide secondary research as well as primary quantitative and qualitative studies.

  • QUANTITATIVE – In this type of study, a company is attempting to determine how many people hold a similar opinion (80%, 90%, etc.); it involves taking a survey by phone, internet (online), mail or in-person (intercept). The majority of surveys today are conducted using online panels.
  • QUALITATIVE – In this type of research, an organization is determining the quality of an opinion or why people hold a specific attitude. Two examples of “qualitative” research are:

Focus Groups – A company selects a small group of people to interview in a group setting. The skill of the moderator often determines the success of this type of research. Today, focus groups can be conducted online.

Copy Testing – A company shows a creative execution (brochure, TV spot, news release) to a small group of people who represent a target population. The goal is to learn how receptive a message or creative approach may be prior to developing the material.

Who We Are

Dr. Nicholas Lougee

Head of DCG Research

Nick is an academically trained social science researcher and has supervised all DCG Research efforts since our founding. He has managed dozens of local and regional projects for DCG. When not on assignment, Nick is a Learning Specialist and Assistant Director at the John E. Jaqua Academic Center at the University of Oregon.

Mark Dennett

Founder DCG Research

Mark spent the 1990’s as Chief Operating Officer and partner of a respected Northwest ad agency (Medford, Oregon) where he was responsible for all client research. Mark also spent 15 years in the airline industry as head of advertising/sales promotion for a major U.S. carrier where he was responsible for managing all consumer research.

Team Associates

Depending on the assignment, we use a proven team of qualified associates that we call upon when needed, saving you time and money. For example, VuPoint Research (Portland, Oregon) oversees many of our polling needs (mail, telephone, online). For studies that call for online panels we use Prodege and Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform, plus our own Survey For Good / Southern Oregon panel. Other associates include Alesco Data for lists, Focus Groups of America and Creative Marketing & Design.

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Partial List of Past DCG Research Assignments

Political and Issue Studies

  • Bear Creek Greenway (Medford) – Focus Groups
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Local Library Support
  • Bill Fleenor for City Commissioner – Political Poll
  • Brookings-Harbor EPAC Task Force (Performing Arts Center)
  • City of Jacksonville (Mediation Team)
  • Densmore Political Survey – Image/Perception Study
  • Jackson City – Criminal Justice Division
  • Juvenile Measure (Jackson Co.) – Focus Groups
  • La Pine Political Action Committee – Community Survey
  • Mail Tribune (Medford) and KTVL-TV (Medford) – Political Polling
  • Southern Oregon Political Action Committee – Membership Study

Travel Research Studies

  • Destination Marketing Organizations Website Studies (Oregon DMOs)
  • Kla-Mo-Ya Casino (Klamath Falls) – Customer Profile/New Product
  • Medford Visitors and Convention Bureau – Ad Conversion & Visitor Profile
  • Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge
  • Mountain Meadows Community
  • Roseburg Visitors and Convention Bureau – Ad Conversion & Visitor Profile
  • Running Y Resort (Klamath Falls) – Customer Profile/New Product
  • Southern Oregon Visitors Association (Travel Southern Oregon) – Visitor Profile
  • Tillamook Coast (City) – Image/Perception Study
  • Wild Rivers Coast Regional Tourism Project – Image/Perception Study

New Product/Service Studies

  • Britt Music and Arts Festival – Member Profile/New Product Development
  • Capital Associates (Medford) – New Product Research
  • Knife River Materials (Southern Oregon)
  • Liberty Bank (Eugene) – Focus Groups/New Product
  • Omega Management Group (Retirement Communities) – Mystery Shopper
  • PremierWest Bank (Medford) – Focus Groups/Mystery Shopper

Image/Perception Studies

  • Battered Persons’ Advocacy (Roseburg)
  • Butler Automotive Group (Ashland)
  • Gates Home Furniture (Grants Pass)
  • Jim Sigel Automotive (Grants Pass)
  • LTM Coastal (Coos Bay)
  • Mercy Foundation (Roseburg)
  • Miller Brewing (Medford)
  • Mountain Meadows (Ashland)
  • Peoples Bank of Commerce (Medford)
  • Rogue Federal Credit Union (Medford)
  • United Way (Roseburg, Medford, and Bend)

Health Care Studies

  • CareOregon – Jackson Care Connect (Medford)
  • Center for Sex Offender Management (National)
  • Mosaic Medical (Bend)
  • Rogue Community Health (Medford)
  • Wings Seminars – La Clinica (Medford)

Other Projects

  • Black, Chapman, Webber, and Stevens (Medford)
  • Boise Cascade (Boise, Idaho)
  • Business Oregon / Forest Energy Group (Salem)
  • Pacific Crest Transformer (White City)
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District (Medford)

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